Our commitments

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The importance of men and women within the company, the creation, thinking, action and improvement they can bring, the efficiency of the organisation : SERMATI has built its history on solid, lasting corporate values. Values that are conveyed as strong commitments linked with each of industrial partners.

SERMATI, by the publication of its ethical code, wishes to remind the principles and values ​​that it defends. This document sets the rules of behavior which every employee of the company must know and apply, the 5 fundamental principles being:
     - Respect for people, property and the image of SERMATI
     - Respect for health and safety in the company
     - Reliability of information and respect for confidentiality
     - Respect for customers and suppliers
     - Compliance with laws and regulation

  • Be an active, dynamic partnerSERMATI - our commitments

SERMATI has dual expertise in mechanical engineering and manufacture. It doesn't simply execute tasks, it provides all the added value of experience and specialist activities. It's a driving and innovative force in all partners' projects, working by their side towards the same objective.

  • Innovate to create tomorrow's integrated solutions

Because we are already ahead of future industrial demands, SERMATI is looking even further forward, wider and larger in its integration processes and methods. SERMATI innovates to adapt to order size and volumes, for increasingly complex and complete industrialisation solutions.

  • Aim for commercial efficiency

SERMATI focuses its efforts at all levels on making its products competitive in terms of quality, cost and timescales. A global service that goes beyond the customer-service provider relationship towards a true partnership that is both long-lasting and profitable.
SERMATI aims to improve daily its industrial performance
, she has been supported in this process by GIFAS.

  • Be part of sustainable growth

An obvious course that goes hand-in-hand with on-going improvement and quality management. In France, the SERMATI site at Saint-Céré is ICPE-classified (classified installation for environmental protection). All corporate decisions are made as part of the company's medium and long-term development,
in consideration of safety and environmental requirements, and contribute to its lasting success.